How to attract and upskill digital talent with the help of funding

On Tuesday 30th December 2021, Agency Partner hosted an event focussing on a common problem facing all agencies. Following the pandemic, the demand for digital skills and talent has skyrocketed and salaries are following suit. Forward thinking agencies are developing a people first culture with development opportunities and ways of working that both attract and retain top talent.

In this session, we shared insight from Waypoint partners on how agency leaders are thinking about the development of their teams’ digital skills following the pandemic and, in a world where Covid-19 has forever changed the way we work.

We were joined by Sarah Curds, Founder and Director of Andragogy, and Sinead Hall, Head of People for Evolved Search to discuss ‘How to attract and up skill digital talent with the help of funding’.

Sinead showcased how Evolved Search have implemented a data informed and innovative approach to upskill and nurture digital talent in collaboration with Andragogy. She described how they’ve changed the way the work and how their people first culture attracts and retains top talent in a market where the competition is fierce.

During lockdown, Sinead shared that “We made sure that people will connect in and have people around them from a wellbeing perspective, but that they will also grow and not feel like they were standing still. We made sure that we put things in place so that people didn’t feel like they were missing out on opportunities during the pandemic”.

Andragogy gave insight into how agency leaders can gain access to funding for digital accelerator programs and more through relationships with training providers enabling agencies and brands to maximise the budget they have to help realise both personal and business development goals.

Sarah shared insight into Andragogy’s process “Most organisations that we speak to either have an amount per person, or a total budget for learning and development. And there’s a number of different things that that budget needs to cover. So we’re trying to find not just the right course and path for the individual, but how do we fund that? How do we maximise your budget? And so there’s conversations we have about routes to funding or how do we spread the cost of that learning over different periods to make it work for the organisation”.

About Evolved Search

Evolved Search are an SEO agency founded in 2014 with the mission and drive to create an agency that delivers great work and achieves big things for clients. No lofty goals or fluff or jargon, just service excellence and great results. They’ve grown a bit since then and enjoyed some huge successes.

About Andragogy

Andragogy are a managed learning service, training provider and educational technology business. They help businesses and agencies with growing marketing teams to develop a digital learning experience that’s not just effective, but fun and engaging too. They help HR and business leaders find routes to funding to maximise marketing budgets, helping them better equip their people to succeed.

For more information on Evolved’s approach to developing their employer brand or how Andragogy can help you access funded training opportunities, contact or call us on 0131 523 1400.

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