How Agency Partner works

Your ‘always on’ expert agency business coach. Steering you through and showing you the route to maximise your growth and agency value. 

Start with your free agency valuation* and diagnostic report

Understand how your agency would be valued now and how that may change with your continued growth to easily see how business value can be created. An insightful diagnostic report based on your particular circumstances will show you what your critical change points are.

Your report gives a foundational understanding so, you can plan the most impactful corrective actions and not waste time on less valuable activities.

*The information and conclusions within our valuation reports are based on the information you provide. The resulting valuations are for indicative purposes only and should NOT be used to inform the basis of any commercial transaction or tax-related scheme under rules published by HMRC.

Grow your business leadership skills and knowledge

We know from experience that ‘working on the business’ is difficult when you’re so entrenched ‘in the business’. Agency Partner has been designed to give you the things you need, without any filler or fluff, in an easy-to-consume self-paced programme.

Agency Partner will improve your skills, knowledge and capability through structured learning and experiences. Your programme will cover cross all major areas required to run a successful agency from creating value, through sales and marketing to driving profitability while developing talent and a high-performing team culture.

The experience is delivered via video content, presentations, downloadable tools and round table discussions all augmented with regular 1-2-1 coaching from business growth experts with deep experience in leading and growing agencies themselves. 

Get support and assistance from your agency leader network

Agency Partner members benefit from access to a network of like-minded leaders enrolled in the programme.

Share experiences, learn together, grow your understanding, test and refine your ideas and propositions with others in the programme.

Collaborate and work in partnership with other capable agencies that can offer a different perspective. Learn from each other’s experiences to spark new ideas and opportunities.

Get 1-2-1 support and coaching from expert advisors

The Agency Partner team is made up of veteran agency leaders who have experienced what you face every day, have overcome the same challenges, and successfully achieved their ambitions. All advisors have run, grown, and transacted an agency and share all of that experience (including some battle scars) so you don’t have to learn the hard way.

With the experience of running and growing a business right through to preparing for a value creation event (i.e. sale, Management Buy-Out, Employee Ownership Trust, Fundraise) our agency growth advisors can assist you in all areas of your success.

“It’s nice to be listened to and gaining advice to work out a plan that is right for me as a founder, what I want and not railroaded on a particular growth path.” 

Emma Sexton, founder of Hands Down

Are you ready for to build a prosperous future?

Submit your data today and quickly discover just how ready you really are with our free valuation report!