Fathom sells to Low&Behold

Low&Behold agency logo

Waypoint Partners announces the sale of UX and service design specialist Fathom to Low&Behold. Low&Behold is a UK and Ireland-wide agency team of 65 people offering digital and communications services. Waypoint Partners advised Fathom on its sale.

Fathom joins sister agencies in Low&Behold including development agency Upbeat Productions, brand agency Bugler Smith, social agency JC Social and marketing agency Liquorice. Being part of Low&Behold will allow Fathom to broaden the services it can offer to its own clients and provide UX and service design specialisms to clients across the wider Low&Behold portfolio.

Gareth Dunlop, Fathom CEO and founder says: “We are delighted to be joining such a forward-thinking and ambitious organisation and look forward to the continued growth of Fathom and the Low&Behold super–agency. As well as allowing Fathom to better serve its current customers, the acquisition offers opportunities for increasing business throughout UK and Ireland. The user-centred design principles baked into the Fathom DNA will guide not just the work we do for our current customers, but also the design processes throughout Low&Behold.”

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