How do you solve your agency’s problems?

When you get stuck, other agencies have probably been there before.

Anneli Ritari-Stewart from Agency Partner, Phil Gripton from Waypoint Partners, and Guido Ampollini founder of GA Agency join Agency Hackers to discuss the various problems agencies face – and how they can fix them.

Are your agency’s problems the same as other agencies problems?

Agency Partner is a growth accelerator for agencies. Whenever somebody joins, they do a diagnostic report. What are the problems they face? What do they need to fix?

In this session Anneli will share some of the most common problems – and what you can learn from them.

“Agencies often don’t have a solid long-term plan to guide the business. It’s the age-old ‘fail to plan, plan to fail’,” says Anneli.

“Many agency owners want to exit in the future, but unfortunately their business isn’t in a shape where they will be able to. They need to be proactive about setting a growth plan, rather than waiting for business to come to them.”

So what challenges are you facing?

Are you over-reliant on legacy clients? Is profitability low? Perhaps you’re struggling to hire top talent or in understanding what exit options you have available to you?

We’ll discuss all these issues and more – and how to solve them – with Anneli, Phil, and Guido.

Come along and help soothe your growing pains.


24th August 2pm - 24th August 3pm


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