How to attract and upskill digital talent with the help of funding

Story | December 3, 2021

On Tuesday 30th December 2021, Agency Partner hosted an event focussing on a common problem facing all agencies. Following the…

M&A roundtable

M&A round table with Stephen Pavlovich

Event | October 8, 2021 (10am)

Exclusive to the Agency Partner programme and invited guests Join us on Friday the 8th of October at 10 am…

Agency Partner round table event with Ian McIntosh, Founder of Evolved Search

Event | August 20, 2021 (1pm)

Agency Partner members join us on Friday the 20th of August to hear the remarkable story of growth from agency…

Agency Partner Logo

Agency Partner, a growth advisory programme for ambitious agency leaders, powered by Waypoint Partners

Story | August 9, 2021

Today sees the launch of Agency Partner, a digitally-provided growth advisory programme designed to help ambitious agency leaders drive performance…

Elevate Group acquisition expands capability across Europe

Story | July 29, 2021

Staffing and innovation agency Elevate Group expands its reach in Europe with the acquisition of “Promotion for You GmbH” in…

Low&Behold agency logo

Fathom sells to Low&Behold

Story | June 4, 2021

Waypoint Partners announces the sale of UX and service design specialist Fathom to Low&Behold, a UK and Ireland-wide digital and…

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