Maximise agency performance and value

Agency Partner is for small to medium agency founders and leaders who want to gain the experience, tools, advice, and crucial learning needed to grow their agency and realise business and personal ambitions sooner.

Your always-on business coach

Agency Partner is your complete road map, supporting you in planning for and reaching your goals. Avoid common pitfalls, find shortcuts, and navigate to your ambitions to get ahead of the competition.

Your advisory programme will help you understand and address common barriers to growth and support you in making critical decisions that will make a difference.

We’ll provide you with the support and experience you need to strategise and lead your agency to success.


Agency engagements


Years in business leadership


Agency transactions

Get your free agency valuation and diagnostic report

Know your starting point and critical focus areas

Gain skills and tools to accelerate your growth

Benefit from tailored 1-2-1 support

Collaborate with our network of agency leaders

The unique solution for agency leaders

  • PLAN: Robust long range business planning that drives your action
  • UNDERSTAND: Learn the things that will make the difference to performance and create value
  • ADVANCE: Through structured, manageable and clear methods to address your challenges and reach your goals
  • ACTION: Master the key areas needed to lead your agency to success
  • SUPPORT: From expert advisors to help you to achieve the outcome

“We have grown our profit by 130% in the past 2 years following the growth planning, advice and support from the team.” 

Ian McIntosh, founder of Evolved Search

Stories & Events

Steven Mallon Agency Partner Director

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M&A roundtable

M&A round table with Stephen Pavlovich

Event | October 8, 2021 (10am)

Exclusive to the Agency Partner programme and invited guests Join us on Friday the 8th of October at 10 am…

How do you solve your agency’s problems?

Event | August 24, 2021 (2pm)

When you get stuck, other agencies have probably been there before. Anneli Ritari-Stewart from Agency Partner, Phil Gripton from Waypoint…